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Latest technology within industrial automation

Industrial automation and control

We are at the forefront of the latest technology within industrial automation, control and programming, and thus creating future-proof solutions for our customers. Through our subsidiary company, DamGaard Automatik, we always ensure the most optimal delivery within industrial automation, both economically and technologically. Our subsidiary company works 100 % within the field of industrial automation and has more than 20 years of industrial experience, and through this we achieve optimal focus in this area.

Automation and automatic processes

Intech offers the following solutions within automation and automatic processes:

  • Complete robotic cells and production plants
  • Palletizing / Pick & Place robots - watch video
  • CUBE - watch video
  • Electrical construction
  • Industrial software development 
  • Programming of PLC
  • Electrical panel building
  • Service agreements
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8 simple steps towards automation

Through a controlled process, we ensure you a safe journey with automation and control.

  1. Dialogue; Clarification of your wants and needs, and description of the project
  2. Analysis; Necessary data is collected to concretise and focus on the project
  3. Presentation; We describe and send solutions for your approval
  4. Order; We send an offer and initiated the order after your acceptance
  5. Project description; Our project manager prepares and send you a project description
  6. Timetable; We prepare a timetable that you can follow online, and you will receive regular status updates
  7. Delivery; At agreed time, the production equipment is delivered, connected and tested to ensure everything works as planned
  8. Service; Naturally, we provide full service, and we offer our assistance in case you have any questions

Why you should automate processes

Automation has become a natural part of a company’s development and an absolute necessity to many businesses’ competitiveness. Robot technology creates many advantages to companies:

  1. Streamlines and increases productivity
  2. Ensures a consistently high quality
  3. Optimises workflow
  4. Improves competitiveness
  5. ROI is typically between 2-5 years
Industrial automation and control.

Fully automatic packaging line for salmon factory

A fully automatic packaging line including robot cells and conveyors. 


CUBE - Next generation robot cell

CUBE is a state-of-the-art robot. It represents the next generation robot cell. It is a future-proof robot cell that is designed and developed with focus on minimal operating and maintenance costs as well as high uptime. CUBE is a natural development from our many years of experience with both onshore and offshore palletizing with robots that make logistics more effective.


Palletizing system / Pick & Place robots

Industrial automation made easy with palletizing systems and Pick & Place robots. 

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