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Bycatch Separator

Separates small fish from shrimp in a simple and effective manner.
Available in many sizes with different capacities
Product information
Separates small fish from shrimp

Bycatch Separator

The Bycatch Separator handles the grading of small fish from shrimp in a simple and effective way. It is based on the principle that fish and shellfish stick to the conveyor belt in different ways. Varying inclination and speed of the conveyors ensure that the species are separated due to the different adhesion of bycatch and friction of the shrimp. 

Upgrade of Bycatch Separator 

Intech has developed a gear-to-drum-motor rebuilding kit for Intech Bycatch Separator, with which you can now benefit from upgrading your own Intech Bycatch Separator. By doing so, you avoid a number of spare parts and you get better access around the machine. 

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How Bycatch Separator works

The conveyor belts within the separator travel at much higher speeds than regular conveyor belts. The speed is adjustable, and different speeds are used depending on the species of fish mixed in with the shrimp catch. Usually, conveyor 1 is made to go faster than conveyor 2. The incline is also adjustable. By using different inclines and speeds, the species are separated. The ones which easily attach themselves (small fish) are conveyed up and then fall down into a collecting vessel, whereas the ones offering less friction (shrimps) slide back down the conveyor belt.

Shrimp and small fish in a Bycatch Separator

The sketch shows the course of the separation. A mixture of shrimp and bycatch, i.e. capelin and other small fish, is transported to the machine and feeds it. It is important to adjust the speed of the feeding of the supplying conveyor belt to regulate the quantity supplied to the machine. The shrimp/fish ratio, as well as what species are involved, determines the effectiveness of the machine. The speed should be adjusted so that conveyor 1 can keep up with the separation. “Difficult” mixtures must be fed at a slower pace into the separator. 

Intech Bycatch Separator in details

The bycatch separator itself can be moved forward and back on its supports. This is to enable the “point of impact” to be moved, i.e. the point where the shrimp mixture hits the conveyor. If the bycatch consists of fish that is not sticky, the point of impact should be moved to the left, making it fall from a greater height and thereby impacting more heavily with the conveyor and giving it a greater possibility of attaching itself to the conveyor. If the bycatch is small, i.e. compared with shrimp, the point of impact should be moved to the right. 

Bycatch Separator.