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Job Opening

Travel Technician

We are looking for two travel technicians to installation of shrimp and fish factories on land and on board trawlers. 

The work as a travel technician involves the installation of shrimp, crab and fish factories, primarily on board trawlers and land factories in several different places in the world.

As a travel technician, you will sail with trawlers at the start-up of the factory on board as well as during repair and service tasks. You will either be part of teams adapted to the task or you will work on your own.

Read the enire job description here (in Danish).


Travel Technician.

Working at Intech

We love what we do. Precision and thoroughness are a natural part of our everyday life, but we never take it for granted, and we never compromise on quality. Only the best is good enough when we help customers streamline their food processing lines.

We always look for committed and dedicated colleagues that can make a difference and are ready to make an extra effort. We take pried in what we do, and we never let neither our customers nor colleagues down -  we are here to help, and we take it seriously. It is part of our values to contribute with enthusiasm and flexibility to creating value and achieving common goals. To us, unity and teamwork are founding pillars for a strong cooperation. 

In case we do not have any job openings, we would still like to hear from us. You can send us an unsolicited application to

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Working at Intech.
Team Intech

Being part of something great

At Intech, we value our employees highly - they are our most important resource. When joining Team Intech, you become a part of a very special team with good team spirit, great humor and the best colleagues. 

We always look for new ways to do things better. We strive for the the best and believe that the best players are the ones who can see what the other team members are capable of. We work together across our departments and learn from each other. We rely on both good teamwork and individual performance. This enables us to reach higher goals - common goals. 

Besides our commitment to the work, we also have room for fun comments, a good laugh and social activities with our colleagues. We can only perform our best, when having a good everyday working environment where we all love to be everyday. If you can see yourself as being a part of all this, Intech is the place to be.

Being part of something great.