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Metal conveyor belts

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Transport and distribution of marinated chicken products

Metal conveyor belt

Intech has delivered a flexible and adjustable transport solution for chicken products to HKScan Denmark in connection with the company’s optimization of its production facilities. HKScan Factory Manager, Per Nielsen, is very pleased with both cooperating with Intech and the investment in the new line, that annually produces 12-15 tons of finished chicken products per shift.

"The flexibility of Intech’s solution has been a crucial parameter for our investment. Now we have a future-proof and extremely hygienic optimization of our facilities, so our chicken production can continue with large capacity, low maintenance and high reliability," says Per Nielsen.

The solution consist of several metal conveyor belts and distribution systems, that transport chicken products between a new oven and existing freezer. The conveyor belts are both a hygienic and practical solution and they are easily integrated into existing food lines. With simple adjustments, the conveyor belts can also distribute onto two different lines, which makes it a highly flexible solution.

HKScan Corporation is a food company with many years of experience in responsible Nordic food production. HKScan produces, markets and sells high-quality poultry products with strong consumer brand Rose®. In 2019, HKScan's net sales was 153 Meur.

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Metal conveyor belt.

Transport and distribution of marinated chicken products on metal conveyor belts

Per Nielsen.
The Intech solution with metal conveyor belts is perfect for transport and distribution of our marinated chicken products. It is a hygienic, practical and adjustable solution that is easily integrated into our existing process line.Per NielsenFactory ManagerHK Scan Denmark A/S