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Connie 1200

Connie 1200 is a continuous cooker that boils shrimp, lobsters, crabs
and other fresh seafood or food products in an even and quick way
Product information
Shrimp cooker and lobster cooker

Connie 1200

Connie 1200 is a continuous shrimp cooker. It is the largest version in the series of Connie cookers. Connie 1200 also comes in an XL model that is highly suitable as lobster cooker and crab cooker. 

Connie Cooker provides an even and quick cooking of the fresh products like shrimp or other seafood or food products. The continuous flow in the production process ensures that every product is cooked the exact same way and with the same salt content. In this way, all shrimp have the same delicious taste and firm consistency. This provides a final product of highest quality - both visual and in terms of taste. 

The shrimp cooker can also be used for defrosting products. 

Connie 1200 is easily cleaned due to the hygienic design and the special conveyor lifting kit. 

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Invention of Connie Cooker

Intech originally invented and developed Connie Cooker for shrimp factories on board shrimp trawlers. The cooker got its name due to the unique continuous cooking of the shrimps. The cooker heightens the quality of the processed shrimp, seafood or food product quite significantly - both visually and in terms of taste.

Connie 1200.

Connie 1200 Cooker for lobsters

See Connie 1200 in action when cooking lobsters.

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