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Connie 1200

Connie 1200 is a continuous cooker that boils shrimps, lobsters, crabs
and other fresh seafood in an even and quick way
Product information
Continuous cooker

Connie 1200

Connie 1200 is a continuous cooker. It is the largest version in the series of Connie cookers. 

The machine boils the fresh shrimps in an even and quick way. The continuous flow in the production process ensures that all shrimps are cooked in exactly the same way, with the same salt content and the same taste. This provides a final product of highest quality - both visual and in terms of taste. 

Connie 1200 is easily cleaned due to the hygienic design and the special conveyor lifting kit. 

Connie 1200.

Connie 1200 Cooker for lobsters

See Connie 1200 in action when cooking lobsters on board trawler.