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Fish Grinder 1500

Intech Fish Grinder is designed to grind fish into fish waste.
It has a hygienic design and is very effective
Product information
Cleaning-friendly and effective

Fish Grinder 1500

The fish grinder has a hygienic design and is a very cleaning-friendly machine. It is constructed with only few plate assemblies and with 5 mm spaces for facilitating high-pressure cleaner. 

See Intech Fish Grinder 1500 in action

This inlet chute is removeable and has a contactless safety sensor to ensure the machine can only run in safe conditions. This version is without an outlet chute to be mounted on a conveyor, but a separate safety sensor is included for customer installation. 

Both inlet and outlet chutes can be custom-made to fit the project, and the gearmotors can be rotated to fit the space available.

Fish Grinder 1500.

See Intech Fish Grinder 1500 in action

Intech Fish Grinder 1500 is both effective and easy to clean due to the hygienic design.
The grinder has a capacity of up to 1 ton per hour and a bite for on 4,8 kN. 

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