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Food Industry - INTRAY

Electrical tray denester

Intech is market leader within developing, designing and manufacturing electrical and hygienic tray denesters for the food industry through our brand INTRAY. We produce and install equipment at food companies around the world. Several parts of our INTRAY machines are patented and represent an innovative approach to hygienic and electrical tray denesting.

We are experts in designing, constructing and installing tray denesters for meat, poultry, ready-meal, fruit & vegetables, bakery, fish, pet food, snacks and confectionary. Also, we handle the installation of the denesters, which are easily integrated into existing production lines.

Tray Evaluation Form

Do you need to send trays for evaluation? Please fill out the form and send it to us - go to Tray Evaluation Form

Electrical tray denester.
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INTRAY brochure

INTRAY brochure
Evaluation form

Do you need to send trays for evaluation?

Please fill out the form below, and add the generated document you receive on e-mail, whenever you ship the trays to our attention. 

For visual evaluation we need a stack height of 150 mm. 

For order or capacity test we need 500 trays of each type (valid for Smart and Buffer denester) and 1000 trays of each type (valid for Twin Smart and Twin Buffer denester).

Kindly send your trays to:
Intech International, Erhvervsparken 16, DK-9700 Broenderslev.

Please indicate T- or F-number

Electrical tray denesting that is built for your specific tray

INTRAY gives you fast, reliable and hygienic tray denesting. INTRAY ensures you high capacity in your production.

INTRAY Electrical Tray Denester

All types of sealable packaging

Increased need for products being put into trays

At Intech, we design and manufacture tray denester for all types of sealable packaging, including plastic trays, foil trays, paper trays, foam trays and paperboard.

We know all about the everyday challenges of getting a processing line running in the best way possible in a food processing company. Therefore, we only manufacture stainless process equipment that helps streamline the work.

INTRAY tray denesters streamline the production and reduce the manual work of placing trays on a conveyor belt. This also increases the capacity of the process line. INTRAY automates the process of placing products in trays, and it is done in an effective, but still gentle way. 

We designed the INTRAY series to do fast, easy and hygienic denesting.

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Hygiene is crucial in the food industry

INTRAY tray denesters are constructed with a special hygienic design that facilitates cleaning. You need to have a spotless processing environment. With INTRAY you have a safe denesting solution that will live up to all hygiene demands for a modern state of the art production facility.

When we say clean, we mean it. The INTRAY Smart Tool, Smart Stand, Buffer Stand and Easy Loader are all designed to be exposed to the harsh hygienic cleaning process that is a must in a modern industrial food processing plant. You never need to worry about cleaning chemicals or water doing anything but cleaning your INTRAY machine - because we already did and made sure that INTRAY will stand the distance no matter how rough your cleaning team works.

Intech delivers the absolute best solution for the food industry when it comes to stainless hygienic process equipment for tray denesting.

All types of sealable packaging.
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