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Tray denesting solutions for bakery products

Denesting trays for cookies and cakes

With INTRAY, you can denest trays for cookies, croissants, brownies, cakes, biscuits and other deliciously baked items in an efficient and hygienic way. INTRAY is an advanced denesting machine that is compact and easily integrated into your existing process line. INTRAY is designed to denest trays at the desired speed and with great precision and care, so every product is placed in trays, cups or boxes in exactly the same way and without damaging the bakery products. 

User-friendly and hygienic tray denester 

It is easy to clean all parts of INTRAY, as the machines are built upon an open design where all parts can withstand water and industrial cleaning. This hygienic design fully meets the high hygiene standards that exist in the food industry.  

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How to choose machines for denesting bakery products

Whatever your needs for denesting trays in the baking industry, you get the absolute best solution with INTRAY. We generally recommend one or more of the following machines for the baking industry:

Choose the right tray denester

Bakery products must be placed precisely and gently into trays, boxes or cups to avoid any kind of damage to the products. Also, it is important for food producing companies with effective tray denesters to maintain high production capacity without long downtime. INTRAY contributes to this. The machine denests as many trays as the production line requires, and when there is a need for replacing the Smart Tool to denest another type of tray, the production can be up and running in less than one minute. INTRAY is easy to work with and helps streamline the process line.

Denesting trays for cookies and cakes.

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Do you need to send trays for evaluation?

Please fill out the form below, and add the generated document you receive on e-mail, whenever you ship the trays to our attention. 

For visual evaluation we need a stack height of 150 mm.

For order or capacity test we need 500 trays of each type (valid for Smart and Buffer denester) and 1000 trays of each type (valid for Twin Smart and Twin Buffer denester).

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