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Denesting fine chocolate bites into decorative packagings

It must go very fast and be safe when collecting the finest chocolate bites into the decorative packagings. It must be like handpicked. For the consumer, the experience must be as if the chocolate is hand-picked and placed carefully in the beautiful boxes and trays.

Denesting confectionary

When you choose an INTRAY denester, you get the chance to give your customers this unique experience. INTRAY is an advanced machine for denesting trays. Regardless of the speed and quantity of chocolate, sweets or other confectionery to be placed in trays, an INTRAY denester solves the task to the full. In addition, the denesters are easily integrated into your existing production line, and in less than a minute you can change the denesting tool and quickly have your process line up and running again with new trays.

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Choosing your denester

Choose the INTRAY solution that fits your production. Whatever confectionary you need to denest, you get the absolute best solution with INTRAY. We generally recommend one or more of the following machines for the confectionary industry:

  • Basic Stand
  • Smart Stand
  • Buffer Stand

With INTRAY Basic Stand you get a simple control with simple options. You can keep filling in trays, and the Basic Stand will continue denesting the trays. INTRAY Smart Stand is an ideal solution for denesting your trays directly onto a conveyor for further production. You simply place a stack of trays into the Smart Stand, press "Start", and the Smart Stand does the rest of the work. INTRAY Buffer Stand provides you with a simple design and a high level of efficiency. You can load the denester with more stacks of trays, which simplifies your job as a producer of confectionary, as you only need to fill in new trays on the buffer when you do not have more trays on the buffer. This is fast, easy and clean.

Denesting fine chocolate bites into decorative packagings.

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