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Electrical tray denester for fresh or minced meat

Tray denesting for fresh meat

With our advanced INTRAY denesters, fresh meat, minced meat and sausages are placed precisely and with care into trays. We have great focus on meat processors and their way of working, and with our equipment the production line is further streamlined. 

Electrical tray denester for meat

When processing large amounts of fresh meat, minced meat and sausages, it is important to use a hygienic, electrical and efficient tray denester for placing the meat carefully and precisely into the trays. 

INTRAY tray denesters have a hygienic design that helps to ensure a high food quality. The machines are 100 % electrical which makes them both safe and reliable. All parts of an INTRAY tray denester can withstand water and industrial cleaning. 

Tray denesting for fresh meat.

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Denesters for meat

Tray denesting and packaging for meat processing

Do you use trays for top sealing and maybe more than 40 trays per minute? Then you can save time and money with INTRAY, which ensures safe, easy, fast, hygienic, and automatic tray denesting. INTRAY is electrical tray denesting that is built for your specific tray.

Tray denester for the meat industry

How to choose your tray denester

Within the meat industry, we recommend one or more of the following machines, all of which can be fully integrated into existing production lines:

Processing equipment for tray denesting

With INTRAY you get the most advanced denester when it comes to placing fresh meat, minced meat, meat sauce or other food in the meat industry precisely and carefully into trays. When using INTRAY tray denester, you obtain a more streamlined process line where tray denesting is automated and where all trays are positioned exactly the same way and with the same distance. INTRAY is customized according to individual wishes and needs. This contributes to an optimal production flow with high capacity.

How to choose your tray denester.
Denesting trays for meat products

Customized tray denester

Customized Smart Tool 

Smart Tool is the heart of any INTRAY denester. The tool keeps denesting trays as long as you fill it with trays, and every tray is placed onto the conveyor according to the desired speed and distance. No matter how many trays you need to denest, the Smart Tool can handle the task. The tool continues to denest trays as long as you have fresh meat, minced meat or meat sauce to be placed in trays.

Optional additions for your workflow

We developed the Smart Trolley for easy handling of up to 4 Smart Tools at a time. Place the Smart Tools in the Smart Trolley whenever needed, move them easily around and park them safely wherever needed thanks to the safety-locks on the wheels. That's fast, easy and clean.

Take advantage of the Smart Washer that can clean 2 Smart Tools in less than 5 minutes. Simply place the Smart Tools in the Smart Trolley, switch on the water and leave it alone. Take out the cleaned Smart Tools, ready for your meat production. Fast, easy and clean.

Customized tray denester.
Evaluation form

Do you need to send trays for evaluation?

Please fill out the form below, and add the generated document you receive on e-mail, whenever you ship the trays to our attention. 

For visual evaluation we need a stack height of 150 mm.

For order or capacity test we need 500 trays of each type (valid for Smart and Buffer denester) and 1000 trays of each type (valid for Twin Smart and Twin Buffer denester).

Kindly send your trays to:
Intech International, Erhvervsparken 16, DK-9700 Broenderslev.

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