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Pet food denesting

Denesting trays for pet food sticks and bites

For producers of pet food it is important to create visually attractive position on the store shelves with clear printed tray packaging and brand name. Also, it is very much about having a safe, fast and hygienic production line, where a variety of pet food sticks, bites and other pet food must be placed carefully in trays or cups.

INTRAY is a customized tray denester

When using INTRAY, you have the option of denesting your trays at the desired speed, so that the pet food can be distributed precisely and neatly in trays or cups. INTRAY denesters are set to meet individual requirements and needs. They are servo driven, giving you complete control over all stages of the denesting process, and you are free from using compressed air. In addition, in less than one minute you can change to another tray type, and thus quickly having your production line up and running again.

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INTRAY is a complete, fast and hygienic denesting solution that ensures a reliable high output of ready-to-seal trays, where the product is perfectly positioned in the trays.

Choose the right denester for pet food

For production lines within pet food, we recommend one or more of the following INTRAY denester. With INTRAY Smart Stand you get a denester that makes unreliable manual denesting superfluous. Your investment in the machine is as quick and easy as INTRAY denests. Smart Stand comes with a tailormade Smart Tool and an integrated programmable controller. INTRAY Buffer Stand is the ideal solution for a high-speed production line or a process line with limited manual labour for filling trays. Buffer Stand has a large tray buffer in a small area. You can also get Buffer Stand as a TWIN version that denests trays on two conveyors simultaneously. The possibilities are countless with INTRAY, and we've made it all easy for you.

  • Smart Stand
  • Buffer Stand
Denesting trays for pet food sticks and bites .

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