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Denesting trays for fresh poultry

Everybody knows that fresh poultry meat needs to be handled with care from the beginning to ensure and maintain a high food quality. A quick, safe, easy and hygienic process is necessary to bring the ready poultry product like chicken fillets, turkey breasts or diced chicken meat into the trays or cups.

Tray denesting for chicken and turkey

We are all familiar with the plastic trays with chicken or turkey from the supermarket, but few people realize how much work is put into the processing process. With an INTRAY tray dispenser, a 100 % automatic and high-hygienic denesting process is achieved. Throughout the entire denesting process, no persons are in physical contact with the products, thereby minimizing the risk of bacterial contamination. All parts of the INTRAY tray denester can resist water and withstand industrial cleaning.

INTRAY guarantees both efficient, gentle and precise placement of poultry into trays. The machines are specially developed for the food industry and meet the high demands of hygiene and cleaning friendliness. Our process equipment is electrically powered and has a high level of both safety and reliability.

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Denesting equipment for the poultry industry

INTRAY tray denester is advanced equipment that is easy to operate via user-friendly control system and easy to integrate into existing process lines. The denesting equipment is perfect for placing chicken fillets, turkey meat or other varieties of fresh poultry into trays. The products are placed carefully in the plastic trays, but nevertheless INTRAY ensures a streamlined and highly efficient process.

Choosing tray denester for poultry

When working in the poultry industry, you should choose one or more of the below denesters: 

  • Smart Stand
  • Buffer Stand
  • Easy Loader Advanced
  • Step Conveyor

Every single machine has a specially developed hygienic design, and they are easily integrated into existing process lines. The machines are manufactured to the food industry and solve the challenges poultry producers face in relation to fast, accurate, reliable and hygienic tray denesters. When using INTRAY, you can concentrate on what to put into the trays, as the machines ensure correct denesting.

Denesting trays for fresh poultry.

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Denesters for poultry

Denesting trays for fresh poultry

Hygienic, fast and automatic tray denesting for fresh poultry meat

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