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Electrical tray denester for produce

Denesting trays for fruit-mixes, salads and vegetables

With INTRAY it is possible to denest trays, multi-chamber trays or shakers for fresh, crispy and delicious vegetables and salads that are mixed with toppings and dressings.

Tray denester for produce

When choosing an INTRAY denester, you get a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use machine that denests trays in an extremely high accurate manner. Also, the machine enables a gentle and precise placement of the fresh fruit, fruit salad, vegetables or vegetable mix into trays and cups.

Whether you need a denester with plenty of room for stacks of trays, or you need a simple or more advanced control panel, you always get the most effective, hygienic and valuable solution with INTRAY.

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Fruit and vegetables in trays

When cut fruits and chopped or sliced vegetables are placed in trays, it is important that the products are fresh and visually delicious. Everything else will make the goods unsaleable. To meet these requirements, an INTRAY denester must be used and it can easily be integrated into an existing process line. INTRAY is the ideal machines for this with the simple design and high efficiency. There are several different tray denesters to choose from according to individual wishes and needs. 

How to choose your denester

It is not without difference which tray dispenser you choose. Within the fruit and vegetable industry, we recommend the following of our machines for efficient and gentle placement of fruits and vegetables in trays:

Denesting trays for fruit-mixes, salads and vegetables.

Do you need to send trays for evaluation?

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Denesters for fruit & vegetables

Tray denesting and packaging for greenhouse farming

Do you use trays for top sealing and maybe more than 40 trays per minute? Then you can save time and money with INTRAY, which ensures safe, easy, fast, hygienic, and automatic tray denesting.

Evaluation form

Do you need to send trays for evaluation?

Please fill out the form below, and add the generated document you receive on e-mail, whenever you ship the trays to our attention. 

For visual evaluation we need a stack height of 150 mm.

For order or capacity test we need 500 trays of each type (valid for Smart and Buffer denester) and 1000 trays of each type (valid for Twin Smart and Twin Buffer denester).

Kindly send your trays to:
Intech International, Erhvervsparken 16, DK-9700 Broenderslev.

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