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Placing fresh fish and seafood into trays or buckets

It is essential for hygiene and food quality that fish and shellfish are processed shortly after being caught. Both fish and shellfish are fresh when the trawlers process their catch on board or bring it to on-shore processing, and the process must be fast, safe and hygienic. The fresh herring, mackerel or the delicious shrimps need to be processed quickly to maintain their freshness.

Hygienic denester for the fishing industry

Every modern food manufacturer needs an efficient, reliable and hygienic production line, and therefore we have developed a range of denesting machines that all contribute to this. We see it as the finest work to supply stainless process equipment as our INTRAY denesters for the fishing industry. We have in-depth knowledge of the industry and know the challenges that everyday life in the food industry entails.

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Cleaning-friendly tray denester

There are many advantages to using INTRAY for the fishing industry. The machines are both space-saving and compact and are easy to integrate into existing production lines. INTRAY is designed for use in industrial environments and meets the food industry's strict hygiene requirements. The entire denesting tool can be accessed for cleaning, ensuring that all parts in contact with the trays can be kept completely clean as the rest of the production line.

All INTRAY tray denesters come with a Smart Tool that is customized to your specific trays, giving you a machine that meets your individual needs. In addition, INTRAY is 100 % electrically powered and is very easy to operate.

We never compromise on the quality of our work or machines. We know how crucial it is with reliable, durable and efficient equipment in a modern food business that processes thousands of trays with seafood every day. Therefore, you always get the absolute best solution for tray denesting with INTRAY.

Guide to choosing INTRAY denester for the fishing industry

We generally recommend using one or more of the following INTRAY denesters. They ensure quick, easy and hygienic denesting of trays, beakers, buckets or other types. With INTRAY there is no person in physical contact with the product throughout the process, which helps to ensure the highest level of hygiene.

  • Smart Stand
  • Buffer Stand
  • Easy Loader
Placing fresh fish and seafood into trays or buckets.

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