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Snacks in trays

Denesting trays, cups and shakers for snacks

With presentable and practical trays, cups, tins, shakers or multi-chamber trays it is easier to become the consumers’ favorite brand when they stand in front of the snack-shelves in the supermarket and make their choices.

Denesting trays for snacks

With the INTRAY denester you get the best machine on the market for denesting your trays, cups, boxes or other when placing peanuts, chips, crackers or other kind of snacks precisely and carefully into the tray. With INTRAY you have free choice of all types of trays, both material and shape. Whether you need to denest trays of plastic, foil, paper, foam or other material, or whether the tray is round, square, oval or with one or more compartments, you always get the fastest and most hygienic and reliable solution with INTRAY.


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With INTRAY denesters, inaccurate manual denesting becomes superfluous and the ROI is very attractive. INTRAY is a guarantee of a denesting solution with high capacity, speed and ease-of-use.

INTRAY denesters for the snack industry

Within the snack industry, we recommend one or more of the following INTRAY denester. INTRAY Smart Stand makes unreliable manual denesting superfluous. Smart Stand comes with a customized Smart Tool and an integrated programmable controller. INTRAY Buffer Stand is the ideal solution for a high-speed production line or a process line with limited manual labour for filling trays. Buffer Stand has a large tray buffer in a small area. You can also get Buffer Stand as a TWIN version that denests trays on two conveyors simultaneously. The possibilities are countless with INTRAY, and we've made it all easy for you.

  • Smart Stand
  • Buffer Stand
Denesting trays, cups and shakers for snacks.

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