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Circulation pump system for Connie Cooker

A newly developed pump system ensures a more effective stirring in the Connie Shrimp Cooker and an increased capacity
Better circulation in Connie Shrimp Cooker

New circulation pump system

Intech has developed a new circulation pump system for Connie Shrimp Cooker that ensures you benefits like:

  • More effective stirring in the Connie Cooker
  • More circulation among the shrimps during cooking
  • Higher quality of the processed shrimp
  • Increased capacity

The pump system is placed on the inlet of the cooker and is mounted with adjustable taps making it easy to adjust the desired amount of circulation in top, bottom or both places.

Replace the pump system gasket

Also, we have improved the gasket for the existing pump system which makes it even more durable and ensures a higher degree of resistance from salt water impacts and high temperatures. The new gasket ensures higher tightness and hence keeping the pump’s pressure level at a maximum.

Upgrade your Connie Cooker today

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New circulation pump system.

New pump system for achieving more effective stirring in the Connie Cooker

See how the new pump system for Connie Shrimp Cooker from Intech ensures more circulation and dispersion among the shrimps during cooking.