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Intech wins Business Award

Intech is recognized as a company that continuously succeeds in creating growth and strong financial results
Succesful Business 2019

Intech wins business award

Success Business 2019

With the business award 'Succesvirksomhed 2019' (Success Business, red.), Intech is recognized as a company that continuously succeeds in creating growth and strong financial results.

The business award, which the Danish bank Spar Nord and BDO (Danish advisory and accounting firm) have established in 2019, pays tribute to the elite of small and medium-sized companies in the Danish business community, who make a special contribution to growth and prosperity in the local areas and to the Danish economy as a whole.

Intech meets the criteria for winning the award, namely the three key figures: Profit before tax, equity and solvency ratio.

As a successful business, we have been able to present:

  • Growth in profit before tax every year for the past five years
  • Solvency ratio above 15% in the last financial year
  • Equity growth measured over the past five years
  • The ability to create results with the given capital base

At Intech, we are extremely happy and very honored to win this business award as it is a great recognition of our employees and the hard work that they perform every day. Also, it is a symbol of great customer satisfaction - a focus area of paramount character at Intech. 

Intech officially receives the award September 6th, 2019 - the day of our 20th anniversary.

Intech wins business award.