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Intech's annual accounts

Intech delivers yet another record result. Common business sense and great customer satisfaction are major reasons for the best result ever
Intech's annual accounts

Intech delivers the best result ever

Intech delivers yet another record result after a year with celebration of 20 years anniversary, growth in both new and existing markets and receipt of business awards.

Intech is expanding

Intech has had an extremely positive development with an increase in both revenue and earnings. However, there is still a huge growth potential in the company. - We have the right products and the market is ready for them, so it's a matter of being present where the customers are, says Leif Carøe Andersen, founder and one of two owners of Intech. 

As the company grows in existing markets, new focus is also put on new markets, and the US is now a high priority. - We have already entered the North American market and deliver a range of machines to multinational US companies. Our plan is to open our own office in the US so that we can also be close to our overseas customers, says Carsten Trudslev, who is the other owner of Intech.

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But the expansion does not stop here, as Intech is in the process of establishing a service department, thus enabling an even better and closer cooperation with the customers. In addition, Intech also enters new markets within industrial automation as the acquisition of DamGaard Automatik A/S in 2019 has brought along new growth opportunities.

2019 was a record year based on a strong entrepreneurial approach to doing business. It shows great business talent to say yes and no at the right time and to act with due diligence and a strong craftsmanship attitude.

Intech is Success Business 2019

2019 was also the year where Intech won the main prize as "Success Business 2019". With this business award, Intech is recognized as a company that continuously succeeds in creating growth and strong financial results over several years. The award is also a symbol of great customer satisfaction and a tribute to Intech's employees and the tremendous work, they carry out every day. In addition, Intech also won the business award “EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2019”. This award is a tribute to successful, expanding and dynamic companies. Both awards are visible evidence of Intech's positive development and clear economic health.

The organization is expanding

Intech has significantly expanded the number of employees in 2019. The company started the year with 70 employees and at the end of the year, Intech had 95 employees. Further growth is expected in 2020. Currently, there are vacancies within both sales and installation.

The organizational expansion also includes the appointment of a new CEO, who officially joins Intech by September 01, 2020. There are high expectations for the new CEO, who has a broad experience within business management and development. The new CEO brings with him a long line of positive results and will be in charge of taking Intech to the next level.

Customer loyalty is a crucial importance

At Intech, there is always focus on the customer's needs and expectations. It is crucial always to deliver the highest possible quality at the agreed delivery time. This is also a contributing factor to the high number of returning customers, who all know that a deal’s a deal at Intech. Honesty and openness are crucial parameters for Intech's customer loyalty.

Intech is based on very strong values such as credibility, partnership with customers and great commitment from Intech. These values are fundamental in all Intech's actions both internally and externally.

Intech takes social responsibility seriously

Intech is a responsible company that takes pride in contributing to the development of Danish society. - Money earned in Denmark must remain in Denmark so that they can contribute to the positive development of our business community, says Leif Carøe Andersen, who is pleased that Intech is showing such a great public spirit.

In addition, the company focuses on innovative product development, so things can be done smarter and at the same time lower resource consumption to the benefit of both the environment and customers.

In relation to the overall world situation, where the worldwide crisis of coronavirus is on everyone’s agenda, Intech follows the guidelines of the Danish Health Authority and has introduced stricter measures in the company to prevent spread of the virus. - Intech also follows the Danish government's recommendation to keep the wheels running, so we have introduced two-shift working without any overlap, so production is kept as normal as possible so food companies around the world can keep their production running with the best process equipment on the market, says Carsten Trudslev.

Clear and ambitious growth strategy for the coming years

Intech sees with positive mind at the future and at the clear and ambitious growth strategy that must be fulfilled through a line of concrete initiatives. Based on the initiatives carried out, investments already made in the future and a further growth strategy, management expects the company to be twice as large in five years.

However, in the short run, there may be a slowdown in growth. - We are happy if we can do as well this year as we did last year. That is what we have planned with our budget. We were a little more optimistic at the beginning of the year, but major things have happened over the past few months. We are pleased if we can stay at this level, which we also believe that we can, says Carsten Trudslev

Intech delivers the best result ever.