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Meet Intech at DanFish 2021

Finally, it is possible to meet at the exhibitions again. Come by our stand A134 and get live demonstrations
DanFish International 2021

Visit Intech at DanFish, October 13-15, 2021

Once again it is possible to meet at the large exhibitions. On that occasion, Intech invites you to visit us at our STAND 134 IN HALL A at DanFish in Aalborg. The exhibition is one of the world's most important ones in the fishing industry.

Get live demonstrations

When visiting our stand, you get live demonstrations of i.a. fish gutting machine, bycatch separator, box folding machine and shrimp cooker. Every machine facilitates the work both on board trawlers and at land based factories by automating processes, and they help creating opportunities for increased productivity.

Come and meat the team:

  • René Hagelskær, CSO, Intech Denmark
  • Leif Carøe Andersen, Sales Manager, Intech Denmark
  • Bjørn Bjørkavåg, Senior Sales Manager, Intech Norway
  • Arve Breivik, Sales Manager, Intech Norway
  • Kaj Christensen, CEO, KM Fish
  • Niels Kronborg, CSO, KM Fish
Visit Intech at DanFish, October 13-15, 2021.