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Non-stick cover plates

No more broken frozen blocks during unloading. The Non-Stick Cover Plates ensure friction free movement of the blocks
Non-stick cover plates

Avoid broken frozen food blocks

The Intech Non-Stick Cover Plates ensure gentle handling of the frozen blocks. They are mounted onto the aluminium profiles on Intech Automatic Discharge System. The plates ensure friction freem movement of the frozen blocks during unloading from the vertical freezer. 

Benefits of the non-stick cover plates

  • Avoid frozen blocks break during unloading from freezer
  • Gentle handling of frozen blocks
  • No more waste from shrimp blocks
  • General reduction of product waste
  • Reduce amount of added water to blocks 

For new and rebuilding

The cover plates are suitable for new and rebuildings and can be offered as rebuilding kit for existing V16 freezers. 
Contact Intech for ordering or further information:

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Avoid broken frozen food blocks.