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Step Loader product launch

Intech is proud to introduce INTRAY Step Loader which provides multi product per tray capability. The machine ensures automatic tray denesting and product loading
Intech introduces new tray denester

INTRAY Step Loader

Intech is happy to introduce INTRAY Step Loader, which is our new product loader with integrated tray denester. 

Step Loader advantages

  • Automatic tray denesting and product loading
  • Multi product per tray capability
  • High speed - up to 140 portions per minute (depending on tray, product and loading pattern)
  • Can receive products out of cutting, slicing and forming machines
  • Can denest both short side and long side leading
  • 100% electrical denesting

Watch Step Loader video

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INTRAY Step Loader.

Step Loader

Watch the INTRAY Step Loader in action. The tray denester has high capacity, hygienic design and tray conveyor with a step function.

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