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Upgrade of Bycatch Separator

Upgrade your model of Intech Bycatch Separator and avoid a number of spare parts and gain better access around the machine
Switch to drum motor

Upgrade of Bycatch Separator

Intech has developed a gear-to-drum-motor rebuilding kit for Intech Bycatch Separator, with which you can now benefit from upgrading your model of Intech Bycatch Separator.

Fewer spare parts

An upgrade ensures you many benefits:

  • Fewer spare parts
  • Smaller stock of spare parts
  • Easier to replace wear parts
  • Takes up less space
  • Better access around the machine

Switch to drum motor

By changing the gear motor with drum motor, you no longer need spare parts like gears, bearings and shafts. The replacement saves you time and facilitates maintenance. Also, we have improved the support of the conveyors on the bycatch separator, which means they get less worn.

Upgrade today and save time

Contact us today for ordering or information. or by phone +45 96 46 76 00

Upgrade of Bycatch Separator.