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Welcome at DanFish

Come and meet Carsoe and Intech at DanFish. We look forward to welcoming you at our two stands A127 and A134
Stand A127 & A134

Welcome at DanFish 2021

Come and meet Carsoe and Intech at DanFish. The companies have joined forces as of last week which enables a further development of their industry-leading position within the seafood segment.  

When visiting the Intech stand, you get live demonstrations of i.a. fish gutting machine, bycatch separator, box folding machine and shrimp cooker. Every machine facilitates the work both on board trawlers and at land based factories by automating processes, and they help creating opportunities for increased productivity.  

When entering the Carsoe stand, you step into a world of knowledge where you get presentations of complete process lines for both shrimp and fish. The factories manage the entire process of sorting, handling, freezing, and packaging. Also, there is introduction to a high-capacity batch cooker that is both a durable and highly reliable machine as well as a horizontal plate freezer.

We look forward to welcoming you.  

You find our stands at A127 and A134.

Welcome at DanFish 2021 .