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Why and how to automate tray handling

Learn more about why and how to automate your process line with electrical tray denesters
Automatic tray handling

Electrical tray denester

INTRAY electrical tray denester ensures an automatic tray handling process that is efficient, hygienic and flawless. 

Automatic tray handling

Automatic tray handling and product loading with INTRAY denesters ensure you: 

  1. Efficiency with less operation and fewer operators
  2. High level of hygiene with less contamination, no human contact with the food tray and higher food safety
  3. Flawless tray denesting
  4. Reliability with 100% electrical machines and a minimum of maintenance
  5. High capacity with up to 200 trays per minut and a quick changeover to new tray types
  6. Short ROI with low cost ownership 

Manual vs. automatic tray handling

Are you dependent on manual tray handling, and interested to learn about the possibilities and benefits of automating this process? Contact Intech Food Division today at or at +4596467600.

Electrical tray denester.

Automatic tray handling

Learn more about the benefits of automatic the tray handling process with electrical tray denesters.