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Seafood Industry

We preserve flavor and quality

Intech is specialized in developing and manufacturing tailormade stainless process equipment to the seafood industry at sea and onshore. We produce and install on board trawlers and onshore fish factories, and we deliver worldwide.

We are experts in designing and manufacturing complete factories for both shrimps, lobster and fish. The process lines are adapted to the narrow space on board the trawlers. We handle everything from measurement, design, construction, manufacturing and installation. We deliver to a long line of different factories both at sea and onshore, including shrimp factories, lobster factories, fish factories for whitefish, salmon factories, trout factories, mackerel factories, herring factories, redfish factories and much more.

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At Intech, we know all about the everyday challenges on board trawlers, and therefore we only manufacture stainless process equipment that facilitates work on board.

Our machines and equipment streamline the process line, and reduce the manual and often heavy work. When having our machines installed on board, many processes are automated. Also, a more ergonomically correct working environment is achieved. All this ensure that production is more efficient and that capacity increases. Moreover, our equipment is constructed with a special hygienic design that facilitates cleaning.

Intech delivers the absolute best solution to the fishing industry when it comes to stainless process equipment for the handling, processing and packaging of seafood.

We preserve flavor and quality.
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Intech brochure

Intech brochure

Intech shrimp factory helped to increase the outcome

Intech has delivered a complete shrimp factory to the large shrimp trawler Newfoundland Victor. The Intech shrimp factory includes a bycatch separator, shrimp graders, continuous shrimp cookers, freezing tunnel for freezing shrimps, automatic weighing of shrimps into sacks, complete packing line and palletizing system. Take a look at our solution. 

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