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Processing lobsters on board trawlers

Hundreds of working hours are put into the processing of lobsters on board trawlers before they are ready for being served as the exclusive and unique food that their delicate and nutritious meat entitles them to. At Intech, we work hard every day to deliver the best process equipment in stainless steel for the fishing industry worldwide. We never compromise on the quality of our work, as we fully understand that it is essential with reliable and durable process equipment that can withstand the hard wear that takes place on board trawlers.

Lobster factory

The large fishing trawlers have complete factories installed on board, and at Intech, we are very accurate with everything from measuring, manufacturing and installation, and we gladly help streamlining the entire process line for your next lobster factory plant.

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Lobster process line

After having caught the lobsters at sea, the first step in the handling process is to have the lobsters sorted from any other small catch. For this purpose, our Style Grader or Sorting Machine CT 1014 can be used. Then each individual lobster must be cooked, which is done efficiently and to perfection with a Connie Cooker. Connie was originally designed for cooking shrimps, but after innovative product development, the machine is also extremely suitable for cooking lobsters. However, the use of the XL version of Connie is recommended due to the size of the lobster, which is several times larger than the shrimp. The cooking process takes about 2-3 minutes, and then the lobsters must be cooled down before being packed and palletized. 

Stainless process equipment for fishing lobsters

At Intech, we see it as one of the finest privileges to deliver stainless process equipment for the lobsters fishing industry. We have many years of experience working in the seafood industry and have in-depth knowledge of all the challenges that everyday life on board trawlers entails. The large vessels are at sea for several weeks at a time, which easily becomes several hundred days a year. Therefore, it is crucial that the trawlers have the very best process equipment installed to be able to meet the many demands from shipowner, skipper and the crew, but also from the consumers in relation to wanting a high quality level of lobsters.

Lobster - the tournedos of the sea

A lobster is a fascinating shellfish and is considered by many to be the tournedos of the sea due to its delicious, sweet and very tasteful meat. Lobsters can vary in colour, but when cooked, they change colour and get the distinctive, beautiful red colour. A lobster has two large bobbins, and should it lose one, a new one grows out. Lobsters are considered as an exclusive delicacy, and there exit high demands regarding the handling of them right from the catch and processing, and until they end up on the dining tables or restaurants around the world.

Processing lobsters on board trawlers.
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Connie 1200 Cooker for lobsters

See Connie 1200 in action when cooking lobsters on board a trawler. 

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