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Mackerel & Herring

Equipment for fish factories

Mackerel and herring must be processed shortly after being caught to preserve their good taste and high quality. Intech delivers both complete fish process lines and individual machines to trawlers and onshore fish factories. Common to the equipment is our approach to the manufacturing as we never compromise on product quality.

We know the life on board trawlers, because we have been there ourselves, and we know all about the work processes at onshore fish factories. Both places have high demands and expectations for the equipment. We streamline food processing with our machines and equipment, which means you get a fast, efficient and reliable fish process line that supports high productivity, more ergonomic working conditions and a sublime final product.

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Equipment for processing mackerel and herring

A fish factory consists of several machines for handling and processing the fish in an accurate, gentle and efficient way. The processing of mackerel and herring consist of different steps, and we recommend the following machines:

Equipment for fish factories.
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Mackerel & Herring

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