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Salmon & Trout

Process lines for salmon and trout

Salmon and trout are processed on board fishing trawlers or at onshore fish factories. Whatever the process, it is essential that the fish are handled quickly and efficiently to maintain their freshness, taste and high quality. Within a short time of being caught, the fish must be washed, filleted, trimmed and frozen to maintain a high food quality. This places great demands on the factory equipment that is installed on board the fishing trawlers and at the onshore fish factories.

Processing salmon and trout

A complete process line for salmon or trout consists of a long line of process equipment. Common to all the machines is their high stability, durability and flexibility. The equipment must be able to handle large quantities of fish in an efficient and gentle manner, so that the final product looks and tastes as good as possible.

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Process equipment for salmon and trout

We recommend the following process equipment for handling, processing and packing of salmon and trout: 

At Intech, we know all about the everyday life on board fishing trawlers, and we know that it is crucial with quality of the equipment. Otherwise, it is impossible to stay up to 300 days at sea a year. Contact Intech for advice and guidance on your next process line for salmon or trout.

Process lines for salmon and trout.
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Salmon & Trout

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