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Salmon & Trout

Process line for salmon and trout

Salmon and trout are processed on board fishing trawlers but can also be processed at fish factories on land. Whatever the process, it is essential that the fish are handled quickly and efficiently to maintain their freshness, taste and high nutrient content. Only a few hours after the fish are caught, they must be washed, filleted, trimmed and frozen to maintain a high food quality. This places great demands on the factory equipment that is installed on board the fishing vessels and at the fish factories onshore.

Processing salmon and trout on trawlers

A complete process line for salmon or trout consists of several different types of stainless steel equipment. Common to all the process equipment is that it must be able to handle large quantities of fish in an efficient and gentle manner, so that the final product looks and tastes as good as possible.

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Trawlers that catch either salmon or trout often have complete fish factories installed on board to keep the processing time of the fish down to a few hours after they are caught. The first step in the process is tempering, stunning and sticking the fish. Subsequently, the fish must be washed. In this step it is of great advantage to use a Fish Washer. The fish washer is developed with pre-wash, main wash and after-rinse, which ensures that any kind of slime, fish scale, blood, sea foam is washed off the fish. Then, the heads of the fish are cut off, and the remains of the fish are then sorted and sent for cleaning. When the fish have been filleted, it is necessary to wash the salmon fillets and trout fillets with the Fillet Washer, so they present themselves nice and clean. The next step is trimming and pinning the fillets before they are weighed and then sent to be frozen and packed, for example by using All-in-One Machine, which is a unique combination of a block knockout, box folder and block-in-box in one and the same machine. The freezing process is effectively solved by the Automatic Discharge System in combination with a horizontal freezer. When using this equipment, there is no contact with the fish blocks or heavy lifting and there is no danger of dropping the blocks, which significantly improve both safety and working environment on board. Finally, the fish are sent for palletizing.

Equipment for processing salmon and trout

Fishing for salmon and trout is a major industry, and many working hours are spent every day in the process of catching and handling the fish before they are loaded and shipped off to consumer markets around the world. All this takes place at the large fish factories on board trawlers, and parts of the process can also be carried out at fish factories onshore. Regardless, the processing of fish is done at sea or on land, great demands are put on the process equipment that makes it possible for the fishing industry to supply freshly caught salmon and trout to consumers.

At Intech, we know all about the everyday life on board fishing trawlers, and we know that it is crucial that the quality of the fish factory equipment is at the highest level, as otherwise it is impossible for the crew to stay up to 300 days at sea a year. Contact Intech and let us advice and guide you on your next complete process line for salmon or trout or standalone equipment.

Process line for salmon and trout.
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