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Equipment for processing shrimps

Intech is specialized in manufacturing stainless process equipment and complete factory plants for trawlers and onshore factories. Our equipment are adapted to the narrow conditions especially on board shrimp trawlers.

We streamline food processing by delivering the very best process equipment on the market. This ensures you high quality, flexibility and craftsmanship without compromise. At Intech, we help you with your next shrimp process line. We handle everything from measurement, manufacturing, installation and service. 

Many processes can be automated when having the correct equipment installed on a shrimp trawler. Also, the equipment helps to create a more correct ergonomic working environment, while at the same time reducing the manual and often heavy handling of the many shrimps. In addition, productivity on board the shrimp trawler increases quite significantly.

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Processing of shrimps on board trawlers

The processing of the shrimps must be both effective, gentle and precise. Shrimps must be sorted, processed and frozen shortly after being caught to maintain their firm and tasteful consistency and their nutritious qualities.

Process equipment for shrimp lines and shrimp fishing

Shrimps must be separated from bycatch like small fish after being caught. Our Bycatch Separator handles the grading of small fish from shrimps in a simple and efficient way. 

Hereafter, the shrimps are carefully and accurately sorted by size by using e.g. Sorting Machine CT 1014, Sorting Machine RS 24 or Style Grader. Via a conveyor belt, the shrimps are transported from the sorting machine to cooking in a Connie Cooker. This machine is a guarantee of high capacity and sublime quality of the processed shrimps. The entire cooking process takes only about 2-3 minutes, after which the processed shrimps proceed to weighing and packing. In this part of the process, CT Box Folding Machine is an almost indispensable machine, as it folds perfect boxes for 5 kg shrimps. Also, our All-in-One Machine is extremely useful here. The machine is a unique combination of a block knockout, box folder and block-in-box in one and the same machine. Subsequently, the shrimps are being frozen to prolong and preserve their freshness and high quality while the trawler is out at the sea – a journey which can last up to several weeks at a time.

In the freezing process, we recommend using either the IQF Freezer or a V16 freezer combined with our Automatic Discharge System, if the shrimps are to be frozen in blocks. Finally, the boxes with shrimp are palletized, and thus they are ready for piloting when the shrimp trawler enters port yet again.

Connie Cooker

Intech has invented and developed Connie Cooker for shrimp factories on board shrimp trawlers. The cooker has got its name, Connie, due to the unique continuous cooking of the shrimps. The cooker is simply unique as it heightens the quality of the processed shrimp quite significantly - both visually and in terms of taste. Within few minutes, the cooker ensures an even and quick cooking of the fresh shrimps, where the continuous flow in the production process ensures that all shrimps are cooked in the exact same way and with the same salt content, thus providing all the shrimps with the same delicious taste and firm consistency. With Connie Cooker, the cooking process is automated, where it was previously carried out by very hard manual work. In addition, the machine has a special hygienic design and a special conveyor lifting kit, which facilitate cleaning.

Connie Cooker represents an innovative approach to the use of process equipment for the fishing industry. In a formidable way, the machine solves the great challenges many fishermen have experienced when trying to obtain an even cooking process, firm consistency of the shrimps and a high quality on taste of all the shrimps.

Factory plants for shrimp trawlers

At Intech, we have salt water in our veins, and therefore we know everything about the challenges that exist on board shrimp trawlers. We are simply experts in manufacturing stainless steel equipment for shrimp process lines. On this type of vessel, fishermen work in almost all kind of weather conditions, and the trawlers are often at sea for several weeks at a time. Therefore, it is essential with reliable and compact equipment that can withstand over 300 days at sea per year, and which is adapted to the narrow space on board the trawlers. At Intech, we manufacture only quality stainless steel equipment that meets these requirements, and which helps facilitate work on board.



Equipment for processing shrimps.
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Freezing of shrimps on board trawler

Handling of blocks of shrimps that are frozen on board shrimp trawler.

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