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Shrimp process line

Equipment for processing shrimps

Intech is specialized in manufacturing stainless process equipment and complete factory plants for trawlers and onshore factories. Our equipment is adapted to the narrow conditions on board shrimp trawlers.

We streamline food processing by delivering the very best process equipment on the market. This ensures high quality, flexibility and craftsmanship without compromise. At Intech, we can help design and produce your next shrimp process line. We handle both measurement, manufacturing, installation and service. 

Many processes are automated when having the correct equipment installed on board a shrimp trawler. Also, the equipment helps to create a more ergonomically correct working environment, while at the same time reducing the manual and often heavy handling of the shrimps. This helps to increase productivity on board the shrimp trawlers.

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Process equipment for shrimp factory lines

When processing shrimps, we recommend the following machines:

Factory plants for shrimp trawlers

At Intech, we have salt water in our veins, and therefore we know all about the challenges that exist on board shrimp trawlers. We are experts in manufacturing stainless steel equipment for shrimp process lines. Fishermen work in almost all kind of weather conditions, and often the trawlers are at sea for several weeks at a time. Therefore, it is essential with reliable and compact equipment that can withstand 300 days at sea per year, and which is adapted to the narrow space on board the trawlers. At Intech, we manufacture quality stainless steel equipment that meets these requirements, and which helps facilitate work on board.

Equipment for processing shrimps.
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Freezing of shrimps on board trawler

Handling of shrimp blocks that are frozen on board shrimp trawler.

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