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Process equipment for whitefish

Fish process lines for whitefish

Every day, thousands of tons of whitefish are caught and processed at factories on board large fishing trawlers. The fish undergo a handling process where only a few hours go by from the fish are caught and until they are washed, sorted, filleted, trimmed and packed. With our equipment on board, every process is streamlined to ensure a quick and effective food processing that leads to a high quality of the processed fish.

Whitefish are processed in fish factories on board trawlers

The processing of whitefish begins shortly after they are caught. Large trawlers have complete fish production lines installed on board where the whitefish are handled and processed.

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Process equipment for handling whitefish

For the handling and processing of whitefish on board trawlers and at landbased fish factories, we recommend the following machines:

Process lines for the fishing industry

Fishing for cod, halibut and other types of whitefish is a large industry with stringent demands for the process equipment. Firstly, the equipment must be able to withstand the hard wear that takes place on board. Secondly, a modern fish process line must be extremely efficient and reliable.

At Intech, we know everything about life on board fishing trawlers, and we never compromise on the quality of our stainless steel equipment. Contact us for advice regarding your next whitefish factory.

Fish process lines for whitefish.
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