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Shrimp Grader CT 1014

With unique sold and quick adjustment and designed
with lifelong basic adjustments
Product information
Designed with lifelong basic adjustments

Shrimp Grader CT 1014

There is no need for hexagon keys or hammer for the basic adjustment. It has already been made from our workshop when assembling the screens. Now you just use the key at the side when adjusting the screens, and they cannot turn out of basic adjustment.

This ingenuity focuses on further development and leads to valuable results. Also, this significantly prolongs the life of the clamping. We have developed a quick adjusting system. When the basic adjustment of the equipment has been carried out from our workshop, there is no need for any additional basic adjustment. You only have to make adjustment in and out according to the size.

This means there is no need for hexagon keys, hammer etc. to make the components fit in.


Shrimp Grader CT 1014.