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Shuttle Conveyor

For multiple product loading into trays or onto conveyor belts.
High capacity and hygienic design
Product information
Flexible product loading into trays

Shuttle Conveyor

INTRAY Shuttle Conveyor is used for multiple load of products. The capacity is up to 240 pieces/min (depending on product and loading pattern). It has a retraction belt to load products directly into trays or onto moving conveyors below. It is highly usable in combination with: 

  • INTRAY Step Conveyor
  • Any kind of moving conveyors
  • Freezing systems
  • Packaging machines

The Shuttle Conveyor can be adapted to most common filling lines. It has a hygienic design, and the removable conveyor band ensures easy cleaning. It comes with casters as a movable version or as fixed positioning. 

The machine can be manufactured in different lengths and widths according to individual needs. 

Shuttle Conveyor.