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Swingloader ISL 1000

Swingloader ISL 1000 is easy and safe to operate. It is used
for containers with a capacity up to 1000 kg
Product information
Hydraulic with integrated safety valve

Swingloader ISL 1000

Intech Swingloader for standard crates and special containers offers a lot of advantages, and the product lives up to the following requirements within the food industry:

  • Stability
  • Service-ability
  • Safety
  • Hygiene

The Swingloader is made from stainless steel, both frame and cylinder. The frame has a glass-blasted surface. At Intech, we have many years of experience in constructing and producing lifting and tipping devices. That is why we have a very stable and production optimized product, which offers a lot of advantages to the companies in the food business.

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic with integrated safety valve
  • Hydraulic pump with food grade oil
  • Moveable frame with wheels / brake
  • Tipping angle 35/125°
  • Discharge height from approx. 1000 mm to 1300 mm (order confirmed)
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Accessories / options

  • Safety shield
  • Adapter for special containers
  • Discharge table
  • Oil tank in stainless steel
  • Funnel (not for products with liquids)
Swingloader ISL 1000.